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Questions about a Medical Bill You Received

If you are a patient with a question about your bill, please contact you health insurer first. After contacting them please email us at

What we do

Worker's Compensation/Personal Injury Claims

Like personal injury claims, Worker's Compensation is its own set of administrative complications. Was the accident a traumatic event or a repeat injury that finally required treatment? Is this worker's compensation claim also part of an MVA? Do you need to consult with a primary care physician or other specialist because of a hard tissue injury? Does your patient require physical therapy as well as chiropractic care? How is all this submitted to the carrier?.

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Auto Accidents/PIP Claims

Billing for automobile accidents (PIP) is difficult. We make the process easy and painless by providing you the forms you need and a detailed checklist, getting you paid more quickly. These include details one might easily forget, such as the police report, a completed PIP application, and detailed demographics.

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Major Medical Claims

"Do these claims go to ACN or ASHN? What's the difference between a copay and a coinsurance? How much should I charge a patient when he comes into my office? Am I in or out of network? Is this deductible satisfied for the year?" Does any of that sound familiar?

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