Worker's Compensation

Like personal injury claims, Worker's Compensation is its own set of administrative complications. Was the accident a traumatic event or a repeat injury that finally required treatment? Is this worker's compensation claim also part of an MVA? Do you need to consult with a primary care physician or other specialist because of a hard tissue injury? Does your patient require physical therapy as well as chiropractic care? How is all this submitted to the carrier?

We can help.

We will contact the patient's employer to verify that an accident has been reported and the W/C carrier to verify the claim information. This information is sent directly to your office for pre-certification. Upon reception to our office, bills and notes are forwarded to the W/C carrier within three business days.

Personal Injury Protection

Billing for automobile accidents (PIP) is difficult. We make the process easy and painless by providing you the forms you need and a detailed checklist, getting you paid more quickly. These include details one might easily forget, such as the police report, a completed PIP application, and detailed demographics. After the patient's initial visit, we start the billing process, including contacting the patient's PIP carrier and, if applicable, attorney. Billing is submitted within three days of our receipt of the information and your SOAP notes.

Don't wait to get paid!

No one likes to wait for money. According to Massachusetts General Law (MGL), PIP carriers must pay within ten days or else state the reason why - and we hold them to that. We also handle the confusing business that is the Coordination of Benefits. Upon reception of the "$2K Letter", we seamlessly transition in to billing of the major medical insurance carrier with no interruption to your service. If an Independent Medical Review (IME) or record review, we collect the information necessary to fight the reduction.


We contact the patient's attorney to verify representation and send a clean set of bills, notes, and certification of records at no additional charge for every patient, every time. An injury is painful. Let us make the billing process painless.

Health Insurance

"Do these claims go to ACN or ASHN? What's the difference between a copay and a coinsurance? How much should I charge a patient when he comes into my office? Am I in or out of network? Is this deductible satisfied for the year?" Does any of that sound familiar?
Health insurance is a murky and convoluted puzzle. Let us navigate that for you. By gathering some basic and essential information from the patient the first time he enters your office, we simplify the whole process. Within two days of receiving the patient's information, you receive written confirmation via email or fax of the patient's copays, coinsurance, deductible, visit limitations, and precertification or referral requirements. Major medical insurances are billed daily, keeping your cash flow steady. Spend less time behind a desk and more time with your patients. Contact us today!